Toshiba SD3010 DVD Player

The Toshiba SD3010 sits two models below the top of the range DVD player and lacks a couple of the features of this model, but it is a more conventional and better priced player.

Toshiba SD3010 DVD PlayerThe features missing on this player are the DivX support and the USB socket. Whereas on the SD4010 the lack of USB with DivX support was a little strange, not having either on this SD3010 actually makes more sense. The player can still play JPEG photos and MP3 tracks off a disc though so still has some useful playback features, and is capable of 1080p up-scaling to help make your DVDs look as good as possible – near high definition quality in fact.

The Toshiba SD3010 is more moulded than sleek in its looks, but it is still a good looking and well designed DVD player, and should sit very nicely with most televisions. It is also well specced with an HDMI and scart socket on the rear, as well as being DTS and Dolby Digital compatible.

What to consider before you buy the Toshiba SD3010 DVD Player

This player is lacking the USB socket and DivX playback of the top of the range Toshiba SD5010 so if those features are important to you, that player will make a better choice. You could also consider the Toshiba XD-E600.

Why you should buy the Toshiba SD-SD3010 DVD Player

This model is well featured, and despite lacking some features, is tremendous value for money. If you want a top brand DVD player, for less than the price of a few new movies releases, this is a great choice. Rating: 4/5

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  1. Chris Bower says:

    A plus point of the SD3010 is that it has an any region hack. (drawer open/98790) So it is a better buy than the Panasonic equivalent.

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