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3D Ready Blu-ray Players


3D Ready Blu-ray PlayersThe cinemas have been inundated with the latest 3D movies recently, and now with the large storage capacity of Blu-ray discs, and the latest high definiition screens, amazing quality 3D movies are finally becoming a reality in our homes too. Getting 3D in your home is more than just a case of buying a 3D Ready Blu-ray player of course, you’ll also need a compatible television, and the glasses, and of course movies too.

However if you are looking to buy a new player, then getting one that is 3D ready is a wise idea, even if you’re not going to take full advantage just yet. And the costs of the players aren’t substantial – you only have to go up one model from the entry level player in the 2010 Sony range to find a 3D ready player. Even the Playstation 3 has recently received a firmware update to make it 3D ready.

What to consider before you buy a 3D Ready Blu-ray Player

Most of the players are more expensive, albeit sometimes not by much, so it it may not be worth getting a 3D ready player if you never intend to take advantage of it.

Why you should buy a 3D Ready Blu-ray Player

Many of the latest players are 3D ready anyway, so unless you’re intending to buy an entry level player, there is a good chance it will already be compatible. You’ll also be safe in the knowlegde that you’ve got the latest specification of player, complete with the HDMI version 1.4 socket.

Latest 3D Ready Blu-ray Players

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