Best Blu-ray Player for under £200

Best Blu-ray Player for under £200Now the Blu-ray Player market is firmly established, we are seeing an increasing number of really good players appearing for under £200.

These are normally mid range players from the top quality, well known and trusted brands and have a good range of features, that should suit most peoples needs. In this price range you can still expect the player to be at least WiFi Ready, but some will come with it built in. Some models may be 3D ready too. You can of course spend less than this, but we feel this price range normally gets you the best compromise between quality, features and price.

There are fortunately a good selection of Blu-ray players under £200 though, so you can afford to select the brand you prefer, the features you need most, or even the one that looks the best.

We have based this list on the average street prices rather than the manufacturers RRP as this is a more realistic indicator of the price you will pay. We are constantly checking the prices, so you may see some players disappear from this list and appear in the sub £150 page, or even have gone up in price to the £300 page.

If you want a more comprehensive set of features such as higher quality audio capabilities and 7.1 surround sound connection on the rear for older home cinema amplifiers then you will normally need to pay a little more (see the Best Blu-ray Players for under £300).

Latest Blu-ray Players Under £200

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