Toshiba BDX2100 Blu-ray Player

Toshiba BDX2100 Blu-ray PlayerLike the BDX2000 before it, the Toshiba BDX2100 is an entry level Blu-ray player designed to make it easy and affordable to watch high definition movies.

The design on the Toshiba BDX2100 Blu-ray player is very angular which makes it stand out from the usual sleek fronted players we’ve seen recently and is not at all unattractive. The front fascia is fairly minimal with only four buttons (eject, stop, play/pause and the power button) and the USB socket on the bottom right. The USB socket is a nice addition and allows you to listen to MP3 audio tracks and you to view jpeg photos on your television.

The connection options are fairly limited, but they do include the all important HDMI socket as well as composite video and a digital coaxial jack. Because the Toshiba BDX2100 is profile 2 compatible, it also includes a LAN socket on the rear so you can download BD-Live content from the internet.

The Toshiba BDX2100 is a full 1080p/24 high definition player and will output Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, but more importantly will also upscale your existing DVDs to near HD quality.

What to consider before you buy the Toshiba BDX2100 Blu-ray Player

Being an entry level player, it does not come with a wireless option so bear in mind that you’ll have to run a network cable to the player to be able to enjoy any BD-Live content on compatible discs.

Why you should buy the Toshiba BDX2100 Blu-ray Player

The Toshiba BDX2100 has all the main features you really need in a Blu-ray player including the all important BD-Live support. Sure you can get more features, and higher specifications on other players, but you’ll need to spend more. At this price range, and for the same cost of a decent DVD player, you can’t really go far wrong. Rating: 4/5

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