Toshiba SD4010 DVD Player

Toshiba SD4010 DVD PlayerAs we’ve seen with the top of the range player, the latest 2010 range of Toshiba DVD players are well specced and good looking devices and the Toshiba SD4010 is no different.

The differences between the three top of the range players are also quite subtle though, with only a single feature separating the devices. In the case of this player, the Toshiba SD4010 is it the lack of a USB socket that is the main difference. Whilst this might not be a major factor for some people, it does make some of the main other features of this player, a little more difficult to use. The MP3 and DivX playback can only be enjoyed when burned to a disc for example.

All of the other main benefits of the other players are here on the Toshiba SD4010 though, with 1080p upscaling to help you get the most from your DVD’s, and an HDMI and scart socket on the rear, as well as the Regza link which is great is you have a Toshiba television.

What to consider before you buy the Toshiba SD4010 DVD Player

This player is lacking the USB socket of the top of the range Toshiba SD5010 and for only a few quid more (and we’ve also even seen it sell for less than this player!) we think it makes the better buy. You could also consider the Toshiba XD-E600.

Why you should buy the Toshiba SD-4010 DVD Player

This model is well featured, but is difficult to recommend over the top of the range model which is only a little more. If you really don’t want the USB socket though, then save a few quid and get this model instead. Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Ian Worthington says:

    I have just bought this DVD Player.(Toshiba SD4010 Upscaling HDMI) Is it possible to make this region machine free.If yes,then how? Thank you.

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