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Six Free Blu-ray movies with the Samsung BD-C5300


Samsung BD-C5300 Blu-ray PlayerWe took a look at the Samsung BD-C5300 Blu-ray player recently and discovered that the specification was virtually identical to the Samsung BD-C5500.

We couldn’t help wondering what the point was of having two models so similar to each other. Sure, they look slightly different, but thats about as far as it goes, and with street prices appearing to be almost the same too, the decision of which one to choose came down to a pretty simple choice between the looks of the players.

There is something else to help you make your mind up now though, with the introduction of six free Blu-ray movies with the Samsung BD-C5300 – good ones too. For a limited time time you’ll get 300, Bruno, Mamma Mia, Sweeny Todd, Toy Store Special Edition and Up free with your player – thats over £60 worth of movies to help get your Blu-ray collection started. All six of these films show off the high definition capabilities of the player perfectly, and there is a film in the selection for everyone.

So, that makes it a much easier choice – we’d go for the BD-C5300 and enjoy a good few evenings of high buy tramadol 100 definition, high quality movie entertainment.

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