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Best Blu-ray Player For Under £300


Best Blu-ray Player For Under £300If you are a little more demanding when it comes to home cinema, or you need the features that aren’t available on the cheaper players, then we’re sure some of these Blu-ray players, which are all available for under £300, will meet your requirements.

Spending between £200 and £300 on a Blu-ray player is going to get you a top quality player, with a fully loaded set of features and from one of the big brands. They will often include a higher level of audio processing components and connection options and may even have Wi-Fi built in, and be 3D ready. The good news is, that even at this price range there are a good few players to choose from.

The prices we use for this list are the average street prices that you are likely to pay rather than the manufacturers RRP which can be quite a bit more than the online retailers are actually selling them for.

If you feel you don’t need all these features, or you cannot or don’t want to stretch to this price range, you can get a very good Blu-ray player for under £200 which will still offer fantastic high definition quality.

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