Samsung PS50C6900 50″ 3D Plasma Television

Samsung PS50C6900 3D Plasma TelevisionThe Samsung PS50C6900 is in typical Samsung style, a fine and classy looking television with a simple crisp frame that makes it look like it will perform well before you even switch it on. The television is very, very similar in specification to the PS50C7000 and in fact only came about in the UK because of a shortage of this television earlier in the year, when Samsung filled the temporary gap with the 6900. And to our good fortune too as it is a good hundred or so pounds cheaper and only lacks the filter bright technology from the 7000 (which is useful if you have a very bright room) so already looks like a good deal.

With a 50 inch screen, the Samsung PS50C6900 is a perfect size to enjoy the Full HD 1080p experience, and when more discs become available, 3D Blu-ray movies too. Putting aside the sparkling new technology though, the built in Freeview HD will be used more on a day to day basis and so is a really useful addition. Whilst being plasma, the contrast ratio will be a little better than LCD anyway, the screen also includes the Real Black Filter to help keep the blacks really black – this in turn helps everything else look sharper and more saturated.

In terms of features, the Samsung PS50C6900 includes the popular Internet@TV service so you can enjoy the essential BBC iPlayer as view Twitter, YouTube, and even stream moves from Lovefilm if you have an account with them. The latest Samsung mobile phones can also interrupt your television viewing with incoming calls being displayed on the screen. To enjoy all these online benefits of course means you’ll have to connect the television up to your home network – either by a network cable, or the separately available Samsung Wireless Dongle (that’s right – a £50 dongle is not included with a £1000 television) if you want to do it without wires.

The connection options are also well catered for on the Samsung PS50C6900, with an impressive four HDMI sockets, all of which are the latest 1.4 specification buy xanax online no prescription with mastercard ready for a 3D Blu-ray player, and also with the Audio Return Channel to save an audio connection if you want to connect to a home cinema system like the Samsung HT-C6500. There is also component, optical outputs and two USB sockets.

What to consider before you buy…

The lack of the wireless dongle is a slight disappointment, but the Samsung does not have much else going against it – however if you want the best in the range, then consider the Samsung PS50C7000 instead.

Why you should buy the Samsung PS50C6900YKXXU Plasma Television

With a full featured specification, this is as future proof as televisions come, and all available at a fantastic price. With the latest HDMI spec sockets the Sammy is all ready for 3D Blu-ray – even if you don’t plan to get a 3D Blu-ray player just yet – at least you’ll be ready when you do. Rating: 4.5/5

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