Samsung HT-C6500 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The Samsung HT-C6500 is visually a very appealing home cinema system, but it’s simple looks hide a full feature set that is still not very common on Blu-ray home cinema systems – and all for around the important £500 mark.

Whereas the differences between some home cinema systems are limited to including some taller speakers, the Samsung HT-C6500 has a few other differences that make for a worthy upgrade over the similar HT-C5500. The bigger speakers are the most obvious difference, and the C6500 gets larger three-way front speakers on this model that should provide an improved audio quality, even if the overall power output is the same at 1000W. The subwoofer and rear satellite speakers are the same size and the main unit, although the same size, is a sleeker and more expensive looking design.

Samsung HT-C6500 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemWhere the Samsung HT-C6500 really starts to show its value though is with its wireless capabilities. Unlike other models in the range, this system has wifi built in, so you don’t need to fork out another £50 to £80 on buying the optional WIS09ABGN wireless adapter. As well as being able to access the online BD-LIVE content on Blu-ray discs, you can also use Samsungs Internet@TV feature so you access BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm movie streaming and Muzu.TV music amongst others. It also allows easy access to the Allshare service so you can wirelessly connect to your PC and stream photos, music and movies to the system.

The Samsung HT-C6500 then adds in another dose of value with its flexibility. The system of course comes with the now obligatory, but always welcome, iPod/iPhone dock meaning you can listen to and control your devices through the system. But also not so common is the addition of two HDMI inputs meaning you can connect games consoles, or your television to the system, and enjoy surround sound with everything! Add in to this mix, DivX HD compatibility, as well as DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, and Dolby Digital Plus support, and you have very capable system indeed.

Of course when buying an all in one home cinema system, your aim is for it to be simple to set up and use, and Samsung have ensured this is still the case with the HT-C6500 by the inclusion of Auto Sound Calibration software. Simply place the supplied microphone where you will be sitting, and the software will ensure you get the best set up possible. Add to this other usability features like the Anynet + feature where you can use one remote to control all your compatible devices, and the Smart Volume that will automatically adjust the volume when those loud adverts come on between programmes, and the Samsung HT-C6500 becomes a pretty comprehensive system.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung HT-C6500

If you aren’t bothered by the online capabilities of this model, or want smaller front speakers, the Samsung HT-C5500 is very similar to this model, and cheaper too.

Why you should buy the Samsung HTC6500

Whilst it is clearly one of the more expensive systems around, the HT-C6500 manages to include a lot of functionality into the simple, good looking main unit. When you consider the cost of the wireless dongle alone, this system starts to look good value for money and the additional features you get just make it even better. Rating: 4.5/5

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    Can you get speaker stands/mounts for the rear speakers? some help please!!

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