Samsung PS50C7000 50″ 3D Plasma Television

Samsung PS50C7000 3D Plasma TelevisionWhilst 3D television may still be in its infancy, Samsung have not wasted any time in bringing out a top spec model to give the other manufacturers something to aim for.

Using their plasma 7000 technology, the Samsung PS50C7000 has the ‘Real Black Filter’ to help ensure that the already deep blacks remain that way and that the image is very sharp and clear by filtering out external light reflections. If you’re thinking of enjoying sport or fast moving action movies, the PS50C7000 has a very impressive 600Hz frequency to ensure the motion stays smooth and true, which on a 50” screen is especially important.

The Samsung PS50C7000 also includes Samsungs impressive Internet@TV feature so you can enjoy services such as the indispensable BBC iPlayer as well as stream moves from Lovefilm (if you have an account with them) and view Twitter, YouTube and others. If you have a Samsung mobile phone, you can even view your incoming calls on the screen! You will have to either connect your television via an Ethernet cable to your broadband or home network, or you can buy the Samsung Wireless Dongle separately to do it without wires.

Of course one of the biggest selling points with the Samsung PS50C7000 is it’s 3D readiness, so it includes an HDMI 1.4a spec port so you can be sure that when you buy this television, you are getting the latest possible, and most future proof specification there is.

Lastly, we come onto the look of the screen, as well as being very slim, being a Samsung television, it is of course also a very good looking television indeed, and has such a simple beauty about it that we’re sure the PS50C7000 will look as good in five years time as it does today.

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The price may put some people off, but you are getting the very latest specification television here and it wasn’t that long ago that were were paying much more than this for a lot less too. If you want to go even bigger, the Samsung PS63C7000 63″ is also available…

Why you should buy the Samsung PS50C7000 Plasma Television

The Samsung really is fully loaded, and yet somehow they’ve managed to reduce the power consumption by 70% over last years models. As a next generation television with Freeview HD built in and it’s 3D readiness, the PS50C7000, if you can stretch to it, is a real show stopper. Rating: 4.5/5

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