Panasonic DMR-BS850 Freesat HD Blu-ray Disc Recorder with Hard Drive

Panasonic DMR-BS850 Freesat HD Blu-ray Disc RecorderThe Panasonic DMR-BS850 is very similar to the units smaller brother, the Panasonic DMR-BS750, but gives you a much bigger hard disk at 500Gb over the 750’s 250Gb, meaning that your recording potential is double and you should be able to squeeze 80 hours of high-definition programmes or 200 hours of standard definition programmes onto the disk.

As the Panasonic DMR-BD850 is a Freesat+ personal video recorder (PVR) it does of course allows you to watch and record Freesat HD television as well as pause and rewind live programmes. When you’ve watched the programmes you can delete them from the hard disk to make space, or, and this is the main difference with the Panasonic DMR-BD850 over other PVR’s, you can record them onto a Blu-ray disc using the built in Blu-ray disc recorder.

The DMRBS850 is the top of the range HD recorder from Panasonic and this is reflected in the rather hefty price tag. However, if you try and buy a Blu-ray player (such as the Panasonic DMP-BD80 or Sony BDP-S560) and Freesat HD Recorder (Humax Foxsat HDR) separately you’ll still be looking at a substantial sum, and that’s without the Blu-ray recorder. And this is probably the biggest point to consider when you’re looking at the DMR-BD850 – if you don’t need the Blu-ray disc recorder then you can probably save some money and buy separate boxes at a cheaper price, but you won’t get the ease of use and set up that you get with an all in one player.

The Panasonic 850 is a very capable 1080p Blu-ray player and offers the latest Blu-ray profile, BD-Live, to give you all the bonus features you get with Blu-ray. Like the BD750 the BD850 also has the Gracenote built-in music database so you can use the player as a Jukebox and is even more useful with the bigger hard drive.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic DMR-BS850

The Panasonic is an expensive high-definition recorder, and you need to ask yourself if you really need the added expense of the Blu-ray disc recorder. If you could do with a smaller hard disk, the DMR-BS750 will also save some money.

Why you should buy the Panasonic DMR-BS850

This model is the top if the range and has everything you need in order to enjoy the full high-definition television and films experience on your home. Expensive, but very, very tempting. Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. A Bowring says:

    Can you advise me? I have a home cinema with a Dell projector (which I may upgrade in due course). I’m looking for a FreeSat receiver/recorder/Blue Ray recorder/player which I can also connect to the projector and surround-sound speakers. Does the Panasonic DMR-BS850 do all this? Are there other devices that would suit my requirements? At present I have a whole assortment of kit and several miles of wiring! I’d love to simplify the set up.

    I look forward to your suggestions.

    Best wishes

    Antony Bowring

    1. Yes, the DMR-BS850 should be just what you’re looking for.

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