Samsung PS63C7000 63″ 3D Plasma Television

Samsung PS63C7000 3D Plasma TelevisionThe Samsung PS63C7000 is the 63″ version of the popular and groundbreaking Samsung PS50C7000 3D Ready television.

When it comes to getting the big screen television experience, you’ve either got to go the home cinema projector route, or invest in a high quality plasma television such as the Samsung PS63C7000. At 63″ the Samsung is a very big television indeed. A shade under 1500mm wide (1.5m or 60″ in old money) and 911mm high it still manages to be an astonishing 36mm deep. However, if the measurements don’t convince of the Samsungs physical prowess, the weight will, at 38kg without the stand – and 44.6kg with. Of course a screen this size comes at a price – but it wasn’t that long ago that a 42″ LCD was around the same price – and you get full HD and 3D ready in with the deal as well now.

The Samsung PS63C7000 has the same features as it’s smaller screen brother, the PS50C7000, so you’ll get Samsung’s Internet@TV service if you connect the television to your network – either by a cable or the optional wireless dongle – where you can get BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm movie streaming, as well as Freeview HD built into the set. You’ll also get all the screen enhancements such as the ‘Real Black Filter’ and 600Hz frequency for smooth motion.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung PS63C7000 Plasma Television

Like all big televisions, do consider the position and mounting carefully if you are wall mounting the television, but it does come with a decent quality stand otherwise.

Why you should buy the Samsung PS63C7000 Plasma Television

If you want the full high definition and 3D experience, and the real big screen home cinema experience, the Samsung makes a future proof, and surprisingly decent value choice. Rating: 4.5/5

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