Jamo A102 HCS5 Home Cinema Speaker System

There are always home cinema products that capture peoples interest, and not always because they are the best, very often it is because they offer the right combination of price, performance and looks. The Jamo A102 HCS5 Home Cinema Speaker System is one of these products that just seems to have got everything right.

Jamo A102 HCS5When you first see the speakers you can’t help but like them – at 9cm square they are small enough to be discreet, but big enough to be noticeable. And you will want people to notice them because they are very good looking – Jamo seem to have got the blend between style and elegance just right with the A102’s. There are a pair of 2 way speakers and a centre speaker for the front which include a 3″ woofer and a .75″ tweeter for extra clarity, whilst the rear surround pair just have the woofer. The subwoofer is fairly compact at just over 30cm high and 23cm wide, but at 43cm deep it will still take up a fair amount of room. The large enclosure houses an 8″ long throw woofer to help give the smaller speakers some serious bass support.

The performance of the system has been widely applauded by experts and enthusiasts alike, with the system offering a dynamic and sharp sound, as is often found with speakers of this size.

What to consider before you buy the Jamo A102 HCS5

Like any small speaker system, there are always slight compromises to be made with regards to sound performance, but the Jamo A102 manages to keep these to an absolute minimum.

Why you should buy the Jamo A102 HCS5 Home Cinema Speaker System

The looks and performance of the system don’t quite seem to justify the low cost and as an overall package, the Jamo A102 is phenomenal value for money. If you’re in the market for a home cinema speaker system, we’d advise you buy now before Jamo’s accountants find out and put the prices up! Rating: 5/5

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