Q Acoustics 2000 Series Home Cinema Speaker Package

Q Acoustics 2000 Series Home Cinema Speaker PackageThe Q Acoustics 2000 Series is a smart looking and award winning home cinema speaker package that will suit someone who wants good looks from their speakers, but doesn’t want to compromise too much on quality.

There are a few really good speaker packages available at the moment, some of which have most definitely put style and size ahead of anything else, and some like the KEF KHT2005.3 and Jamo A102 HCS5 that get the balance just right. The Q Acoustics 2000 Series has just about pushed the size aspect to the limit in order to get the best possible quality, and have got it just right. The Q Acoustics 1000 series were also very well regarded but it is amazing just how well the company have managed to improve on these and still maintain a value for money price.

The 2000 Series are much more boxy than other lifestyle speaker packages around at the moment, but whilst not particularly sexy, they are still quite attractive and are certainly not going to offend anyone! Internally, the speaker has been completely custom designed and every individual component from the tweeters, mid and bass driver in order to get the best possible sound quality.

The package consists of four 2010 bookshelf speakers, a 2000C centre speaker and a 2070S Subwoofer and are available in graphite, walnut, gloss black (shown here) and gloss white, with the two gloss finishes being more expensive.

What to consider before you buy the Q Acoustics 2000 Series

The looks aren’t going to appeal to everyone.

Why you should buy the Q Acoustics 2000 Series

Q Acoustics has a difficult job on their hands when trying to improve on the 1000 series, but they have got the tricky balance between looks, performance and cost absolutely spot on. Rating: 5/5

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