Humax Foxsat HD – FreeSat TV Receiver

Humax Foxsat HD - FreeSat TV ReceiverThe Humax Foxsat HD is a Freesat digital television receiver that gives you the all the benefit of high definition satelite broadcasts without the ongoing monthly subscription of Sky HD.

As a Freesat receiver the Humax Foxsat HD provides everything you need to enjoy high definition terrestrial television with the minimum of fuss and cost. There are two scart sockets on the rear, as well as a component and HDMI out for video and an optical output and two phono sockets for the sound. This means you can connect the Humax Foxat HD to your television with an HDMI cable, and also to your home cinema amplifier with an optical cable to get surround sound as and when you want it. The scart and component outputs are really only best used if you need to as a short term measure, but to get the full high definition experience you will be better of using HDMI – in fact some programme makers may encrypt certain programmes so they can only be shown over HDMI.

The Humax Foxsat HD will output 1080i, 720p, 576p and 576i and will also upscale standard definition broadcasts to give you an improved viewing experience on all channels.

What to consider before you buy the Humax Foxsat HD

The price could put many people off but do consider that if you are already a Sky HD subscriber, the Humax will represent a substantial saving over the lifetime of the product.

Why you should buy the Humax Foxsat HD

Whilst not the cheapest Freesat HD box available, the Humax is certainly one of the best. Rating: 4/5

Compare prices and Buy Humax Foxsat HD

Further product information is available on the Humax website.

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