Samsung HT-BD1220 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Samsung HT-BD1220The Samsung HT-BD1220 is a Blu-ray based home cinema system aimed at those people who want the full high definition video experience, and also an improvement to the home cinema sound, with the minimum of fuss.

The first thing to note about the HT-BD1220 is the overall neatness of the design. The small speakers are tidily designed, and blend well with the Blu-ray player to create an integrated look. If you are an owner of a Samsung television, and being the most popular brand in the UK that is a distinct possibility, then you will find that the system will blend very well with your flat-screen LCD.

The Subwoofer is quite large, but for good reason. The speakers are quite small so they will not of course be able to provide any bass themselves, but also their ability to provide any of the low end of the mid-range signal is limited as well. The subwoofer takes over both these roles to help provide a seamless sound sweep.

Installation is as easy as it gets, and the only things you really need to think about is where to locate the subwoofer, and ensuring you can position the two front speakers. The system comes with an iPod dock to really give you the maximum flexibility, and is wifi ready with the optional wifi dongle.

As a winner of a five star award from What Hi-Fi sound and Vision magazine, the BD1220 is proving to be a very popular home cinema system, and with performance and looks like this, it’s easy to see why.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung HT-BD1220

The only thing to really consider with the BD1220 is the 2.1 nature of the system – if you think you’ll miss the real 5.1 surround effects, this model is probably not for you.

Why you should buy the Samsung HT-BD1220

At under £400, the Samsung HT-BD1220 is a great value home cinema system for those who want the latest high definition Blu-ray player, as well and a decent sound system. Rating: 4.5/5

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