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Samsung HT-C5500 Blu-ray Home Cinema System


The Samsung HT-C5500 Blu-ray home cinema system is all new for 2010, and comes with the high standard of Samsung design we now expect.

Firstly the styling of the Samsung HT-C5500 is, as we’ve mentioned, typical of brands design – the lines are clean and sleek, and the system as a whole looks like it will complement many televisions whether they are from Samsung or not. The front speakers are quite small at only 90mm wide, but the height of 207mm is big enough to house the two way speakers drivers. The centre also has two way speakers and is almost as long as the Blu-ray player/amplifier unit itself. The rear speakers only house one driver so are slightly lower in height at 141mm – and with this system you also have the option of making the rear speakers wireless with the extra cost SWA-5000 Wireless Adapter. The subwoofer is again quite a narrow and tall device at 350mm high and 168mm wide, but the whole 5.1 package goes together to deal with the 1000w of power the system can output. If you are new to home cinema then the auto calibration feature of the HTC5500 will ensure that the system is set up especially for your particular room.

Samsung HT-C5500 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe Samsung HT-C5500D has a host of other features of course as we would expect these days including the popular Internet@TV service which will soon allow you to access BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm movie streaming, Muzu.TV music and many others. You can also use the Allshare service to connect wirelessly to your PC – this means you can stream photos, music and movies to the system, and even see who is texting or calling you on your Samsung Mobile phone. To take advantage of these neat features you will need to invest in the optional Samsung WIS09ABGN Wireless Adaptor.

Being a high definition player you will of course get the full HD visual experience with Blu-ray discs and DivX HD, but also the audio experience too as the Samsung HT-C5500 has full support for DTS-HD Master audio and Dolby TrueHD. The system also comes with an iPod/iPhone docking station that you can connect to the system to enjoy music and videos – it will even enhance the quality of the sound for you.

Where this system really wins over others though is its connection options – with a single optical input, and two HDMI inputs, the Samsung HT-C5500 really does have a lot more to offer in the flexibility stakes and means you can enjoy your gaming through the system in HD as well as movies.

There is a newer version of this home cinema system available: Samsung HT-D5500

What to consider before you buy the Samsung HT-C5500

The Samsung is fully loaded with features, but that wireless LAN adapter is an extra cost to factor in – and there is no non-branded alternative available unfortunately. The next model in the range, the HT-C6500 does include this as standard so may be worth considering.

Why you should buy the Samsung HTC5500

A typically good looking Samsung home cinema system, with a decent range of features, including a wireless connectivity option. Where this system really wins though is flexibility – with an iPod dock, optical inputs and two HDMI inputs, it has eveything it needs to be the hub of your home entertainment system, and the option to make the rear speakers wireless just seals the deal. Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy Samsung HT-C5500

Buy on Amazon.co.uk


  1. Thinking of the HT-C5500 to accompany my series 8 led tv. Can anyone advise if the media player / dlna is any good? The version on the TV is dire. Can’t ffwd or rewind video off dlna. Also it doesn’t scale anamorphic video (ripped dvd) properly.

    Does the htc-5500 do a better job.

  2. When using the supplied ipod dock is there any way of operating the ipod without having to have the TV on.
    I have used the ipod function as per the supplied instructions, controlled with the HT-C5500 remote via the TV but this seems rather pointless and a waste of electricity + more trouble than the ipod’s normal control.
    The in-built radio works fine without the TV being turned on!!!.
    I have attempted using the ipod with only the HT-C5500 with no success. All that happens is the ipod screen displays ‘ok to disconnect’ and will not allow any other functions through the control wheel.
    Rather frustrated with this glitch but otherwise a fantastic product, would give 10/10 if Samsung can solve my ipod issue.

  3. I have the same issue that Mike is having with the HT-C5500…The iphone/ipod dock does not work. I get the same dis-function that Mike explains in his post dated July 14, 2010??? Anyone know how to resolve this?

  4. There is an option to have wireless rear speakers right? Is it that Samsung wireless dongle I need to buy for that? If not, could you explain what I would need?


    • Hi Greg – there are no stands included but they have a hole in the rear of the speaker casing so you can ‘hang’ them on a screw or nail in the wall. Otherwise, because they speakers are quite lightweight, any will realistically do the job – there are loads to choose from, such as these on Amazon. The speakers are all 90mm wide and 68mm deep.

  5. I have purchased the system to go with my Sharp Aquos tv. I have set it all up and connected with the HDMI cable. It works fine with the blu ray sounding good through the speakers but i am getting nothing through the speakers from the tv. Instructions in both manuals are very limited on this subject so can anyone advise please.

  6. The above review mentions watching BBC iPlayer – its one of the reasons I bought this machine. Now that I have it I cannot see any way to watch iPlayer. The internet functions are very limited. Anyone know if it is possible and I’m just missing something?

  7. ** UPDATE **

    I’ve spoke to Samsung today who have confirmed there is no known timescale as to when BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and some of the other online services of the Samsung Internet@TV service will be available. If these are important to you, you might want to consider the Sony BDV-E370.

  8. Great sounding system when playing blu ray’s etc but when watching tv via a digi box I only have sound from the 2 fronts and sub. Is there any way I can get all speakers working in this mode i.e. am I doing something wrong? The manual is not very helpful.

  9. We had same problem with only front speakers working with TV. At the middle button on the bottom row of the hand set is a Dolby function. Press that and all the speakers come on.

  10. I have the HT-C5500 When I try to use any of the Internet services it tells me it needs to update, it then downloads and starts to install but never complets the install, any ideas?

  11. I have exactly the same problem, intetnet TV always wants to update but never actually does. I also have noticed that the hard disk is shown as full even through there should be almost nothing on there. Rubbish firmware, internet tv function is totally ****.

  12. Try a factory reset by holding on the stop button ~10 seconds (on device not the remote). Re-enter your netwoek settings and download all the internet stuff again.

  13. When using my classic ipod with the dock the album artwork shown on the tv doesn’t change when the tracks are changed. Does this not support the album artwork with ipods? When using a dongle with music the artwork changes…

  14. Spoke to Samsung today. They have said that Iplayer will definitely be available on the apps section in the next few weeks.

  15. Hi all, looks like a very impressive low budget system. I wanted a DVD Wireless Home Cinema System but if this systems plays standard UK region DVD as well then I’m sold…

    Sorry for silly question but this info will sort out all my Home Cinema buying issues.

    Many thanks


  16. Re John Pauls comments”….Iplayer will definitely be available on the apps section in the next few weeks.”. Sammy told me that 6 months ago! I have chased them repeatedly and had the same answer each time. I decided to write to Andy Griffiths (the UK AV Systems Director at Samsung) and on 2nd February 2011 had a reply back stating “Unfortunately we do not have a definite date yet as to when all of these applications will be available as they are currently still being worked on.”.

  17. I purchased this system for Christmas 2010 and its great, however all of a sudden the remote control has stopped working, the batteries are fine and I have tried replacing them just in case, the remote still operates the TV functions but doesn’t seem to be switching back to the home cinema system.
    Any one got any suggestions? Can the remote be reset?

  18. having problems with the ‘pause’ and ‘stop’ when watching a Blu-ray film – after 60secs of pause it goes back to the start-up screen and I have to start the menu palarvar all over again. One press of the ‘stop’ does the same, instead of saving my position (as the book says it will). any solutuions? any one else have this problem?

  19. I’m having trouble with the touch buttons on the device. For the third time on this unit, they have stopped working. I have managed to reset it before but i’m losing my patience now. I spoke to Samsung yesterday who simply stated that it would need to go off for repair. Since they have already replaced this unit once following three repairs of the last unit, I really don’t fancy the 11 mile drive to the repair centre…. oh and then there is another 11 mile trip to collect it!!!

  20. I purchased this system 2 weeks ago. It plays Region B blu ray discs but wont play region ABC(region free) discs. Anyone else having this problem? and how do I solve? Is there a problem with the player. The discs work fine on ps3.
    Also I have neighbours so how do I turn the bass down, as far as I can tell there is no way of adjusting the equaliser, does anyone know how to do this?

  21. Awesome bit of kit for the price. Just such a shame it doesn’t have 3d support then it would be the whole super package. I have seen on other similar home cinema packages that you can upgrade the software/firmware which you can on this and a couple now offer an upgrade that allow them to also be 3d sound compatible if you have a 3d tv. Would this ever be possible/likely with this kit? Hope so would be great, wonder how we could request this.

    Or is it unlikely as this model seems discontinued at a lot of places now? Would be amazing kit if could get an update so would work with 3d blu rays also, maybe if enough people request it Samsung could do it 🙂 you neve know.

  22. Hi guys. All a bit new to this but have just ordered the HT-C5500 from Amazon, looking at the brilliant “Home Cinema Buyer” reviews, I noticed there is a newer model out…the HT-D5500, also at a lot lower price. In a bit of a quandrie as to what to do, should I cancel the original “C” model and order the “D” or is it really not worth it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks. Andy

  23. Many thanks. The unit arrived before I really had a chance to re-order as it had been dispatched. However, you are quite right, it is an awsome system.
    Thanks again, have a great Chrimstmas all.

  24. I have had a fault free 18 months with my blu ray surround, but for the last few days it keeps switching on and off continuously and automatically, So much so now I have had to un plug it and now seeking advice from anyone who can help?

  25. We have had the system about 3 years and in fairness it has worked well but then again it is our second one because the first one broke. Now it is trying to read a new DVD but won’t eject it. We cannot get the system to eject using both the remote and the touch button on the system. Any ideas or is it for the bin?

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