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Why Buy a Home Cinema Projector?


Why Buy a Home Cinema Projector?When television screens used to max out at a size of 36″, a home cinema projector was the only real way of getting a decent sized movie experience in your home. These days with 32″, 50″ and 60″ screens all common place you might wonder why projectors are still so popular.

There are a number of reasons why, but we’ll start with the most obvious – size. Even with the large screen LCD and Plasma televisions now available, a home cinema projector will still produce a much bigger picture than even the largest screens. If you are looking to get a screen size of around 50″ and above then a projector is an essential consideration and will depending on the projector and the ‘throw’ it will product images to 120″ and beyond.

Cost is another reason why projectors are so popular with even some of the best quality full high definition projectors costing less that the largest screen LCD televisions – and when you consider the sizes they can produce, the value comes even better.

The main reason though why many people buy a home cinema projector is that they feel it gives a much more ‘filmic’ quality to movies. Because the move is a projected image, it is not backlit in anyway and so gives the ultimate cinema feel to your home movie watching. However, you can expect a better quality image at home that at cinema because the image is smaller and the DVD or Blu-ray disc is dust free.

What to consider before you buy a home cinema projector

People are put off projectors for a couple of reasons: cost and installation. We’ve seen already that home cinema projectors normally offer much better value for money than an equivalent sized television and with prices starting from around £400 you can see why – you will not get a 72″ screen for that price!

The other factor though is the installation and although this is less of an issue that it has been in the past, it still needs consideration. Many projectors have a ‘lens shift’ so you can position them off centre now, but still ideally need to position your projector near as near the centre of your viewing area as you can to get the best results. This could be on a shelf behind of the sofa, or mounted to the ceiling, or even positioned on a coffee table in front buy viagra online pakistan you. Apart from the positioning it is simply a case of connecting it up with an HDMI cable as normal.

You will of course need a separate home cinema system or amplifier for the sound but you can connect the HDMI output to the projector instead of your television. Also consider that home cinema projector will eventually need replacement bulbs, but with bulbs often lasting 3000 hours these days, it could take two movies a week for 15 years to get to this point. You’ll also need a screen to project the image onto – this could be manual or electric pull down screen or a white wall.

Why you should buy a Home Cinema Projector

A home cinema projector not only offers you the full big screen experience in your own home, it is also a very cost effective way of doing so. Imagine watching the big match or the latest Blu-ray blockbuster in full high definition on an 80″ screen, and you get an idea of why they are so popular among hardened film fans, and people new to home cinema alike. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to watch a film on a 32″ screen – they turn a movie night into a real experience and we wouldn’t be without ours!

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