Panasonic SC-BTX70 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Panasonic SC-BTX70 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe Panasonic SC-BTX70 is Blu-ray based 2.1 home cinema system designed for people who want a great looking system, the latest high definition capabilities, and extra special details like an integrated iPod dock.

Like the equally gorgeous Samsung HT-BD7200, the Panasonic SC-BTX70 is a 2.1 based system with a vertical player and amplifier unit but with a more edgy appearance as opposed to the smooth rounded lines of the Samsung. This does have the slight advantage that it will match well with a wide selection of televisions from other brands as well as Panasonic. Vertical systems also take up less space than a flat system and work well on stands designed for LCD and plasma televisions. The two front speakers of the SC-BTX70 output 125W (RMS) and at 246mm high are actually higher than the 200mm of the main unit so if you want to position the speakers next to the player, you will not get the smooth seamless look we saw with the Sony DAV-F200. That said though, the speakers do match the style of the unit very well and will work best when positioned next to your television anyway. The subwoofer is 361mm high but fairly narrow so positioning should not be a problem and will output a respectable 125W (RMS).

There are decent connection options on the SCBTX70 with an HDMI output, S-Video out, Component Video out as well as two digital optical audio inputs so you can connect your Sky+ box and Games console. There is also an Ethernet terminal so you can connect to the internet using the built in VIERA CAST function and access YouTube, Picasa, and other websites from the special VIERA CAST screen. You store any BD-Live content on a USB drive connected to the USB terminal.

There is a newer model of this system available: Panasonic SC-BTX75.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-BTX70 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The lack of an HDMI input is shame and means that the BTX70 loses a little flexibility, but the two optical inputs should suit most peoples requirements.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SCBTX70 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

A great looking system, the BTX70 will look good in anyones room, and also offers decent value for money. Rating: 3.5/5

Panasonic SC-BTX70 Compare prices

You can add the Panasonic SB-HSX70 additional speakers to this system to get an improved 4.1 system, and if also purchase the Panasonic SH-FX70 wireless speaker unit you don’t need to worry about wires!
The Panasonic SC-BTX70 is also often referred to as the SCBTX70EBK withthe last 3 characters simply referring to the fact that it is the European model (E) and it is black (BK). Read the full specification on the SCBTX70 Panasonic website.

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