Sony DAV-F200 Home Cinema System Review

Sony DAV-F200 Home Cinema SystemThe Sony DAV-F200 is very stylish vertical home cinema system for those people who like their equipment to look as good as it sounds. Whilst only being a 2.1 system it does have the quality and performance to make it a real contender.

The Sony DAV-F200 is primarily aimed at the lifestyle home cinema buyer – someone who wants the full benefit of the home cinema experience, but doesn’t want a bunch of black boxes sitting in their lounge. The main unit of the F200 is finished in gloss black and sits vertically with the DVD discs being inserted into a slot on the right hand side of the unit. There is a smallish LCD display in the middle of the player to keep you informed of essential playback information which although well presented is slightly disappointing especially when you compare it to the very smart display on the LG DVS450H DVD player. The player itself is capable of full 1080p upscaling to give your DVD movies a near high definition quality when you connect using an HDMI cable. When you add in an RDS radio and a USB media port so you can connect your mobile phone or Walkman or other MP3 player, you have avery flexible device that should suit most peoples needs.

The speakers are finished in the same style as the main unit and they allow a great deal of flexibility with their positioning. You can choose to have them positioned seamlessly in line with the main unit to create a flush, neat look; positioned away from the player perhaps to the side of your television; or wall mounted with the built in screw socket. The subwoofer is a bigger unit that will ideally need to be positioned to the side of your television, but fortunately it is quite attractive, as subwoofers go that is! The speakers themselves are capable of a very respectable 135W RMS and because the unit has the ‘S-Force Front Surround’ feature, the unit will create 405W of virtual surround sound and does a very good job of bringing an exciting edge to your movies.

What to consider before you buy the Sony DAV-F200

The F200 might not offer the connection flexibility that some home cinema buyers may need.

Why you should buy the Sony DAV-F200

The surround effects might mot be up there with full 5.1 systems, but as a lifestyle home cinema system the Sony DAV-F200 doesn’t go far wrong, and is highly recommended.
Rating: 4.5/5

Sony DAV-F200 Best Prices

Sony DAV-F200 Home Cinema System

Read more about the Sony DAV-F200 on the official Sony website.


  1. keith says:

    I have a davf200 connected to my sony40w tv and sky hd.
    I have sound connected via optical from dav to sky (also tried dav to tv)and hdmi.

    The tv plays through the system speakers ok but I cannot get sound through the sub unless i play dvd.

    Is this the way it is ,or am i doing something wrong.

    My question is how can i get sound through the sub when i watch tv.

    1. The low frequency sound will normally be lower when coming from the television or Sky box so you may need to increase the bass volume to compensate. To do this, press the ‘TONE’ button on the remote until ‘BASS’ appears on the front panel and adjust until it sounds right for you.

  2. petri says:

    I have an old LG 54cm tv connected the the F200. Every function works fine with regards to visual and audio, except the tv function. I’m unable to hear sound or see any visuals. All i see is the default tv function screen of the system

  3. Karling says:

    Does this have wireless speaker or do they need to be wired in?

    1. They are wired speakers on this system.

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