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Panasonic SH-FX70 Wireless Speaker Kit


The Panasonic SH-FX70 is a timely and simple solution to an old problem. Many people want the benefit of a full 5.1 surround sound system, but as many have discovered, running the cables to the rear speakers can be problematic. You have to do a pretty thorough job if you want to hide the cables completely, and often the cables supplied with an all in one system can be too short for bigger rooms.

Panasonic SH-FX70 Wireless Speaker KitThis is exactly where the Panasonic SH-FX70 comes in. Suitable for a number of Panasonic home cinema systems including the SC-BT200 and SC-BT205 the FX70 can take all these problems away by allowing you to connect your rear speakers up wirelessly to the main unit. The devices is a fairly simple affair – you plus in the wireless transmitter to the rear of your player, and then connect your rear speakers up to a central wireless receiver box. Whilst you still have to physically connect the cables to the transmitter box, at least they can be kept well out of sight, normally behind and underneath your sofa.

The Panasonic SH-FX70 is claimed to be much more tolerant of interference than previous models, and whilst we wouldn’t currently recommend using wireless technology for the all important front speakers, using it for the rears should not present any problems.

There is a new model available for more recent Panasonic home cinema systems: Panasonic SH-FX71

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SH-FX70 Wireless Speaker Kit

Although they are much easier to hide and don’t need to be trailed around the sides of your room, you do still need to connect the rear speakers to the wireless receiver by wires.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SH-FX70 Wireless Speaker Kit

Solving the age old problem of trailing wires around your lounge is good enough reason to buy the SH-FX70, but the good value price is another compelling reason. Rating: 4/5

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If your Panasonic home cinema system needs additional speakers, the Panasonic SB-HSX70 are available and compatible with this unit. The full specification of the SHFX70 can be found on the Panasonic website.


  1. Good day. Can I use the SH-FX71 with the SC-PT870 or I should use the SH-FX70 as indicated in the operating instructions of the SC-PT870. Basically is the SH-FX71 compatible with the SH-PT870? Thank you.


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