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Panasonic SB-HSX70 Home Cinema Speakers


Panasonic SB-HSX70 Home Cinema SpeakersThe Panasonic SB-HSX70 speakers are a pair of speakers desgined to be added to Panasonic home cinema systems to give 4.1 or 6.1 surround sound.

The Panasonic SB-HSX70 two way speakers are 246mm high by 134mm wide, but still manage to incorporate a Bamboo Cone 65mm woofer and a 50mm tweeter in their relatively compact case.

Designed to complement a wide range of Panasonic home cinema systems, they are an ideal way to get that extra little bit of performance and the improved surround sound effects out of your system for a low cost. However, it is when they are used in conjunction with the additional Panasonic SX-FX70 wireless speaker kit that they really come into the own and are an ideally matched to the SC-BTX70 2.1 system to give a more immersive 4.1 system.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SB-HSX70 Speakers

There is not much to say against the speakers themselves really, we would just have liked to see a lower price tag on them.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SB-HSX70 Speakers

With decent performance, these speakers will add the all important surround effects to your Panasonic surround sound system, and when combined with the SX-FX70, you can do it all without wires too. Rating: 3.5/5

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