7 Free Blu-ray films when you purchase a Panasonic Blu-ray product

Panasonic SC-BTX70 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemWith their fantastic performance, great looks, and dependable quality, there are plenty of reasons to buy one of Panasonics Blu-ray products this year. But now there are even more reasons – seven free Blu-ray films!

Unlike many of these types of promotions, the discs available with this Panasonic offer with the are actually very decent indeed and there is a good selection of films to suit a variety of audiences. The films included with the offer are X-Men Origins Wolverine, Night At The Museum, Ice Age 3, Australia and the X-Men Trilogy, with the final film being counted as three. They are all common in that they all make the absolute best use of high definition Blu-ray from the sweeping barren landscapes of Australia to the crystal clear sharpness of the latest CGI Ice Age film.

To claim the movies you need to buy your Blu-ray player or home cinema system from an authorised Panasonic dealer (we are careful on this site to only include links to retailers who are authorised retailers) and you need to complete a claim form. The offer ends on the 2nd of January and all claim forms must be received by the 28th February 2010. BUT, Panasonic inform us that this offer is only available whilst stocks last, and with their Blu-ray players likely to be a very big hit this Christmas you’d be well advised to buy as soon as you can.

The offer is available on selected Panasonic Blu-ray products only and is restricted to the DMP-BD60 and DMP-BD80 Blu-ray players, the DMR-BS750 and DMP-BS850 Freesat HD Blu-ray recorders with hard drive and the SC-BT200, SC-BT205 and SC-BTX70 Blu-ray home cinema systems.

This is a fantastic offer and if you were planning on going Blu-ray this Christmas then this offer will certainly get your collection kick started, but don’t hang around, it is only available whilst stocks last!

Panasonic have closed the offer now. This was on the 18th December which was over two weeks early, so demand was obviously greater than they expected. I hope you didn’t miss out!


  1. I received my free blu rays within 30 days of posting ,All titles are full editions including the triple play versions of Ice age 3 and Wolverine…..Panasonic delivers!!

    1. Great news – this really is a deal worth having.

  2. Cath Roseden says:

    Could you possibly provide the address or contact details for claiming the DVDS. We bought a qualifying product but do not appear to have the details.



    1. Hi Cath, there is a link in the article above – third paragraph down.

  3. Hi

    On the panasonic website they state that the promotion ends on the 18th December 2009 – have they changed the date?

    1. Indeed, they have.

      Sorry folks, Panasonic have pulled the plug on this one early – if you were waiting until after Christmas you’ve missed the boat I’m afraid.

  4. Alastair says:

    Got a panasonic bluray brought for me for xmas, they also entered into this deal for me before the deadline… Im STILL waiting for my discs, they may also be sending alternative films as demand has outstripped supply hence probably why they ended the deal early

  5. stevie says:

    Panasonic appear to have been overwhelmed by the free blue ray offer. After numerous phone calls to Panasonic who claimed that all stock had been dispatched, I eventually received my discs on 19 March.

    Good offer but had to wait.

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