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Panasonic SC-BTX75 Blu-ray Home Cinema System


The Panasonic SC-BTX75 is aimed squarely at the serious lifestyle buyer – the sort of person who wants the great looks you get with the best designed home cinema systems but doesn’t want to compromise on the surround sound experience.

Being a Blu-ray based system, the Panasonic SC-BTX75 of course guarantees a high quality visual experience, with full HD 1080p and every bit of detail squeezed out with Panasonics PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus system.

Panasonic SC-BTX75 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe two speakers are 200mm high by 92mm wide and 1½ pounds in weight – they both include an advanced bamboo speaker driver to help ensure the vocals are clear and are capable of 125w (RMS) each. The Kelton type subwoofer is a decent size at 180mm wide and 322mm high with a 160mm woofer and 250mm passive radiator in front, and is also capable of 125w (RMS) . Many people might be worried though that a 2.1 based system will not provide the same surround sound experience as a full 5.1 system, and to some extent this is true. Whilst a system like the Panasonic SC-BT230 with its 5 separate speakers will provide a more reliable sweep of sound, the virtual system Panasonic have included on this model is 7.1, and capable of playing Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio, so should compensate for the lack of physical speakers.

As well as being a great looking system, the Panasonic SC-BTX75 also has a built in iPod dock, which is different to many others we’ve seen recently. In this case the iPod can actually be stored inside the main unit which means the sleek black looks aren’t spoiled at all by the bright white music player. The Panasonic SC-BTX75 is also quite well catered for in other connection options too, with two Digital optical Audio Inputs so you can connect a console or two, as well as an a single buying diazepam online for cheap HDMI output and USB Slot on the front.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-BTX75

It’s not a cutting edge system so there is no 3D support, or wireless option, and an additional HDMI input wouldn’t have gone amiss either, but we can forgive alot for those looks! Also consider the similar Sony BDV-F500.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-BTX75EBK Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Despite all its other credentials though, it is clear that the many of the Panasonic SC-BTX75 home cinema systems are going to be bought for style reasons alone, but the systems capabilities mean that for once the looks are only part of a very complete package. Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Can I use this system for normal television viewing or does it only come into effect if using the Blu-ray dvd player. I would be using it with my Panasonic Viera plasma TV which I have just bought.

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