LG 42LE5300 42″ Freeview LED Television

LG 42LE5300 40" Freeview LED TelevisionThe LG 42LE5300 is the entry level 42” television in LGs range of new LED screens. Whilst they also have the less expensive LE3300 range with very similar features, these televisions are only HD Ready at 720p, but the LE5300 range offers the full HD 1080p experience. Wisely, we think, LG have chosen to offer the 37” and above sizes in the LE5300 range.

Like most modern LG equipment the styling of the LG 42LE5300 is somewhat understated, with subtle rounding on the edges and a delicate red tinge to the bottom of the screen giving an overall classy look and feel about the television. The screen dimensions are 1016mm wide x 692mm high (on the supplied stand) and only 29.3mm deep, so the more understated look is probably the best option here.

Being a base model, the LG 42LE5300 is not dripping with features but it does have the most important recent developments in television built in. These include essentials like the high 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and the 100Hz TruMotion™ technology which will help ensure fast moving action is smooth and not blurry. If you want to ensure that the picture is at it optimum at all times you can also turn on the Intelligent Sensor 2 which automatically finds the best sharpness, brightness, contrast and colour settings for your particular watching environment and as well as preventing eyestrain it also helps save power consumption which LG quote as a massive 69%.

The LG 42LE5300 also comes with Freeview built in so you don’t have to connect a separate box if you don’t want to and have easy access to the 40+ TV channels and radio stations. The LG 42LE5300 is also well stocked with HDMI connections, a total of four, which will help you get all your devices connected, as well as a USB socket so you can connect your camera or MP3 player and view the photos or listen to your music.

Being an LED television the power consumption is also lower than a traditional LCD television with a 40% power consumption saving which could save you up to £100 per year.

What to consider before you buy…

The main thing lacking with this television is Freeview HD, which could be important for some. If you want this included for the same price, and you don’t mind losing 2″ of screen size, the Samsung UE40C5100 40” is a good option.

Why you should buy the LG 42LE5300 LED Television

A slim and good looking full HD LED television, which won’t set the world alight but is a sensible and great value choice. Rating: 4/5

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