Edifier Prisma Encore E3360BT 2.1 Speakers Review

As we’ve seen numerous times before, Edifier know how to bring a fresh look to speaker design – some of the best looking speakers we’ve seen over the last few years have come from them. Better still, the sound quality normally lives up to the same expectations

Another ‘Wow!’ design from Edifier

Image of the front of the Edifier Prisma Encore subwooferIn another example of their stunning speaker design, the Prisma Encore E3360BT from Edifier brings a very modern feel to desktop computer speakers. With an edgy, space age look they are certainly different from the more usual rectangular style of speaker we’re used to seeing.

The subwoofer especially looks great and seems like it should do a lot more that simply produce bass – it just looks impressive, and important! The awkward thing about it though is the size – at 216mm high by 301mm deep, it’s not quite compact enough to go on most peoples desktops, which is a shame because it needs to be seen.

The speakers are a good size at 247mm high by 110mm deep so they aren’t going to dominate your desktop.

Image of the remote control for the Edifier Prisma Encore speakersWe also especially like the remote control – it’s not a standard credit card style, but instead matches the design of the speakers perfectly and is simple to use. It’s these details from Edifier that continually impress us.

The quality of the speakers is good, the gloss plastic feels good and overall build standard is high.

There are little niggles like the rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker becoming easily detached (which we saw on the Edifier M3280BT too), and the speaker joining cable being shorter than we would have liked, but overall the Prisma Encores look like they will last well.

Sharp design, sharp sound?

From an edgy looking speaker we were expecting a bright, punchy sound, but instead the Prisma Encores are much more subtle.

Image of the rear of the Edifier Prisma Encore subwooferThe treble and bass are controlled and not allowed to become dominant, with the mid range only being allowed a little more freedom. The overall balance is good and the speakers never seem flustered, we just expected more. The sound is easy to live with, if a little uninspiring.

The speakers can be connected by a 3.5mm headphone lead, a red and white RCA to 3.5mm lead (both supplied) or via Bluetooth. It’s this last addition that elevates the Prisma Encores beyond a simple desktop speaker to something much more flexible and versatile.

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Our verdict
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Great too look at, just alright to listen to

If you value style over substance, the Edifier Prisma Encores are a great choice. They look amazing, and there are very few speakers that look this good for the money. But this is part of the problem with the sound – you just expect it to be better. Although it’s decent and more than acceptable, it’s just not as good as the design makes you think it might be. I guess that’s a big compliment really.

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