Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Speakers Review

I love getting products to review from Edifier. You’re pretty much guaranteed either great looks or amazing sound quality, but very often we get both. So having un-boxed the stunning looking Luna Eclipses I knew that we getting at least one.

First off, it is obvious you are getting a premium product from the packaging. I don’t like to spend too much time talking about things like boxes that you’ll only ever see once, but the speakers really are presented very well and it’s almost a shame to remove them from their plush and comfortable environment – almost.

There is a new model of these speakers available: Edifier e25HD Luna Eclipse

Designed with flair, and thought

Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers - side viewNamed the Luna Eclipse for obvious reasons, the speakers are finished in a high gloss black (there is also an alternate red colour-way available) with a matt black front section for the speakers. This houses an exposed 3″ full range front speaker drivers, and a 19mm tweeter driver located behind a protective bar. The rear of the speakers house a 3″ passive bass radiator. The split design with a smart brushed aluminium bar provides strength and rigidity for the enter speaker.

Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers - in redThe rear of the speakers are also very minimalist, with only the socket for the connecting cable visible on the left speaker, whilst the right hand speaker gains an auxiliary port for connecting other music devices.

This speaker also gets the playback buttons on the left front side of the speaker. These control the volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standby, and in line with the minimalist styling are all touch sensitive. They actually work pretty well too – although I found we had to touch a little forward of the graphics to get a response. If this doesn’t suit though there is a very smart and small remote control which will make things easier.

Setting up doesn’t get much easier

Edifier Luna Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers - side on viewSetting up the speakers is very straightforward – simply plug-in the connecting cable between both speakers, plug in the power adapter and you’re ready to connect.

You can use the auxiliary socket as mentioned (especially if using as a computer set up) but most people will probably use the Bluetooth method. The response was good – both my Android phone and iPad picked up the speakers quickly, and it retained a good signal between the devices from even quite far away.

Sound quality to match the style

Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers - front and back viewNo matter how great they looked though, nothing quite prepared me for the sound quality which was nothing short of stunning.

I ended up spending a long time listening to the speakers and just enjoying the wonderful sounds they produced. Cycling through different tracks presented no real problems and everything from Calvin Harris 18 Months to Michael BublĂ© were delivered with aplomb. The only kind of music that caused the speakers problems was the Skyfall theme tune (by Adele) – it did struggle a little with the powerful sounds. Apart from that I was very impressed overall, and would very happily use the speakers on a day-to-day basis.

What to consider

If you’re intending to use the speakers for a computer they do look a little expensive and there are better value options available – it almost seems a shame to hide these away!

Why you should buy the Luna Eclipse speakers

These are speakers you want to have on show. They look amazing and have the kind of design excellence we have come to expect from Edifier, but also the overall build quality that show the effort that has gone into them. Looks apart though, it’s the sound quality that really makes the speakers shine. Dynamic, effortless and just plain enjoyable audio make the Luna Eclipse a very accomplished set of speakers indeed, and ones that fully deserve the full 5 stars. Rating: 5/5

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