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Lindy CROMO HDMI Cables Review


Lindy CROMO Slim HDMI Cable

Lindy have recently launched a new range of cables for both home cinema enthusiasts and design conscious buyers.

Called ‘CROMO’, the range encompasses a wide selection of different cable types, from HDMI to USB, DisplayPort and even earphones.

We were particularly interested in the range of HDMI cables, so we took a look at a 2m and 5m standard HDMI to HDMI cable, and a slim 2m slim HDMI cable.

A stylish alternative to everyday cables?

On the looks front, they certainly tick all the boxes. An attractive mid metallic grey cable sits between sleek chrome plated plugs, with gold-plated terminals. The effort that has gone into the styling is a welcome relief over most cables we see, and give an attractive and and upmarket look.

Technology wise, they are all HDMI 2.0 compliant, so they support Ultra HD up to 4K 2160p60, 4K 3D and Ethernet.

The three cables we tested all share a common goal – to be a solid, reliable, and good-looking cable – but how do they fare?

2m CROMO Slim HDMI Cable with Ethernet

cromo-lindy-hdmi-slimThe slim 2m HDMI cable is quite a revelation.

With a cable diameter of only 3.5mm and weighing less than 50g it’s certainly one you could carry around in your laptop bag for connecting to monitors and televisions whilst on the go.

Where it will be most useful though is for connecting those lightweight devices – the ones where the thicker and heavier cables pull the device over, such as HDMI switches.

The plug is very slimline too so it will be useful for plugging into devices with recessed sockets. Performance was excellent as you would expect and the overall construction of the cables looks good – overall it’s a very sleek cable.

2m CROMO HDMI Cable with Ethernet

CROMO by Lindy HDMI Cable PlugsThe standard 2m HDMI cable is just under 7mm in diameter and feels much more robust.

Although still flexible, it’s not as bendy as the slimline cable – this may be good for your purposes, and it does at least guarantee a level of toughness that the slimline cable cannot.

The plugs on this cable are more standard, with a matching grey bonded section where the cable meets the plug, a polished chrome top, and gold-plated terminal.

Even with this extra bulk, it still manages to sneak under the 100g mark. Although that’s twice the weight of the slimline, it’s still pretty impressive, and means it’s still suitable for those lightweight devices.

5m CROMO HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Being a longer run, Lindy have wisely made the 5m cable thicker, at 9mm in diameter. The weight also increases drastically to over 400g – a four fold increase. That said, the weight is still lighter than many we’ve seen at this length.

The plugs are the same as the ones on the 2m cable and this combined with the extra weight of the cable, give it a very robust feel.

What to consider

Make no mistake – there is no need to spend a great deal on an HDMI cable if you don’t want to. As we’ve always said, as long as the cable has a good quality construction it should do the job just fine. However, these cables are very often ugly, and if you’re conscious about how the cable looks they just won’t fit the bill.

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The CROMO range fills a nice little niche in home cinema cabling – good performing, quality constructed cables that are not only attractive, but also reasonably priced. The cables we tested ranged from £20 for the 2m cables to £35 for the 5m, but the range starts at just £13. They also have a 10 year guarantee which is a nice commitment to their quality from Lindy.

If you’re in the market for an HDMI cable like this, you really should take a look at the CROMO range – there are sizes to suit all purposes, as well as a range of matching problem solving adapters and connectors. Rating: 5/5

More information available at www.cromobylindy.com.

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