Edifier M3280BT 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers Review

Aimed at the desktop computer user, the Edifier M3280BT’s are a smart set of speakers, ideal for gaming and general use, but with the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity, they are more than first meets the eye.

Elegant and stylish design

Close up image of the front of the Edifier M3280BTMost speakers look better in the flesh, but what really comes across with the Edifier M3280’s is the quality of design and construction. Beautifully finished aluminium look plastic stands contrast successfully with the high quality cloth used on the speakers to give an understated and classy look.

The satellite speakers look elegant with a tall and slim 125mm x 255mm size, and even the 235mm wide x 234mm high subwoofer retains an air of sophistication. They are light though, and on first impressions they don’t fill you with confidence as to their audio prowess.

Rear controls of the Edifier M3280BTThe main connections are all on the back of the subwoofer, as is normal, as well as the main power button. If you’re someone who likes to turn everything off this will be a bit of a pain (assuming you position the subwoofer on the floor) as there is no power switch on the satellite speaker.

The satellite speakers have treble and bass controls on the rear of the right speaker, and a headphone socket just below. There is also a rubberised volume control rocker switch and mute button on the side of the speaker. All of the the control buttons feel a little ‘cheap’ – not flimsy, just not as solid as we would have liked. Another minor point was that the little rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker are not very well glued on which could cause unwanted desktop vibrations if they become detached.

Flexible connections

Rear panel of the Edifier M3280BTConnectivity is a particular strong point of the M3280’s with dual RCA inputs meaning your computer and another device can be physically connected, and Bluetooth capability if you just want to stream something from your phone or tablet. These speakers are not WiFi enabled which is a shame, but at this price point, it’s not surprising.

Connecting the speakers up is simple enough and the connecting cable between the left satellites and the subwoofer is a decent length at 2m so you have some freedom when it comes to positioning them.

Edifier supply an 3.5mm to RCA cable to get you started, but if you want to use the other sockets you’ll have to source another one.

Bluetooth is as easy as ever, simply pair your device with the speakers and you’ll be listening to music in no time. The signal quality is good and the devices remained connected up to around 9m.

Understated looks, understated sound?

Edifier M3280BT with a laptopDespite the initial concerns about audio quality, the sound is actually really good, and well balanced. It’s not particularly dynamic, but it’s not understated either and is a welcome relief.

The satellite speakers have a 70mm full range driver which delivers 8W per speaker, with the subwoofers 165mm bass driver giving 20 watts. So although the power is not huge, it’s adequate for the size and probable use of the speakers.

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Our verdict
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Great all rounders

Overall, the M3280’s are a good looking set of speakers with a well balanced, easy to live with sound. Combine this with their connection options and the price, and their few shortcomings can easily be overlooked. At this price, and with these looks, their definitely worth considering.

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