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Sony DVP-NS718H DVD Player


Sony DVP-NS718H DVD PlayerWith it’s super slim design, the Sony DVP-NS718H packs a lot of performance into its small frame.

Firstly the player has the Precision Drive 3 Mechanism that helps the player start up and play discs quickly and accurately.

Secondly, connect the player to your HD television with HDMI and you can take advantage of the 1080p upscaling the player offers.

Finally, the player has built in support for a large range of playback formats including DVD-RW/-R /-R DL (VR mode w/o CPRM), JPEG, MP3, AAC, WMA, Audio CD-R/RW, Super VCD discs and DivX.

Connecting the Sony DVP-NS718H up is simple with a large amount of connection options available with HDMI, Component and Scart, as well as digital co-axial if you want to connect to a home cinema amplifier. You’ll also get started in no time at all with the Quick Set-up function, and if you have a Sony Bravia television and connect them using HDMI, you can take advantage of the BRAVIA Sync. This means you can control both devices with one remote control rather than two, and whilst the supplied control (includes batteries) is easy to use and well laid out, it is easier to use one.

The player is a very slim looking unit, with a smooth front fascia and the sleek looks to match most modern black televisions. It stands on four decent sized feet to help minimise any vibrations and has an air of quality about it that is synonymous with Sony kit.

What to consider before you buy…

With a full feature spec, and pretty much everything you could ask from a DVD player these days, this model in the range does not include a USB socket – if you need that on a player, the next model up, the top of the range Sony DVP-NS728H is your better bet.

Why you should buy the Sony DVP-NS718H DVD Player

Although not one of the cheapest DVD players on the market, the Sony is fully featured with smart looks and quality playback and will help you drag every last pixel of quality from your DVDs. Rating: 4.5/5

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Read the full technical specification on the Sony Website


    • With a USB socket, you can insert a USB stick and playback any video you’ve got stored on it – as long as it’s in a compatible file format. This player does not have a socket though – you need the next model up – however, getting hold of any of these older models will be difficult now…

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