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Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-ray Player


Pioneer BDP-120Fully loaded with the latest Blu-ray profile, BD-LIVE, the Pioneer BDP-120 has all the features you really need in a great value package.

First and foremost the player looks good quality, and on initial impressions it does not look like a budget player at all with its glossy and sleek looking front panel. The player has the standard slide out disc tray rather than a drop down front panel, but that does not detract from its good looks. Pick up the remote control and that impression is maintained because it is not only one of the larger remotes we’ve seen but it also looks like it has come from a very high quality machine and not a sub £200 Blu-ray player. If you are lucky enough to own a Pioneer Kuro television, the remote will also control that too with the Kuro Link.

Sticking with the exterior, and if we go around the back of the player you will see HDMI and Component video outputs as well as an optical output and audio phono sockets too. There is an Ethernet socket for connecting the player to the internet so you can access BD-Live content, and a USB socket so you can plug in a USB stick and store your downloaded BD-LIVE content on it.

The Pioneer BDP-120 is fully compatible with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio so you can enjoy lossless high definition audio as well as the sparkling picture quality you get with Blu-ray. The Pioneer BDP-120 supports up to 24fps/1080p video signals and also 36-bit Deep Colour and x.v.Colour so you get deeply saturated and lifelike colours.

What to consider before you buy the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-ray Player

At this price there is not much we can really say against it, but a digital coaxial output as well as the optical audio output would have been nice.

Why you should buy the Pioneer BDP120 Blu-ray Player

At this price range, you’re getting a very good looking Blu-ray player, that may be lacking in a few of the features on the most modern players, but still has everything you need, and with that special Pioneer badge ont he front. Great value. Rating: 5/5

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