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Samsung BD-C5900 Blu-ray Player


The Samsung BD-C5900 is the next model up in the 2010 range of Blu-ray players from Samsung and adds an extra feature in the form of its 3D readiness over the already well specced Samsung BD-C5500.

The two players are almost identical in looks, so the Samsung BD-C5900 also has the stylish elegant looks of its less expensive brother with a gloss black front fascia and smart brushed aluminium button bar on the right hand side with the front USB socket just below. Like other recent Blu-ray players, the whole front fasica does not fold down, but instead we’re seeing a return to the more traditional disk tray, albeit more sleekly done than in previous years.

Samsung BD-C5900 Blu-ray PlayerAround the back of the Samsung BD-C5900 we have the standard connection options with HDMI and component outputs, as well as composite, and an optical output. For the networking side, we have a standard LAN socket, and another USB socket specifically for the Samsung WIS09ABGN wirelsss dongle which you will need to purchase spepareately if you want to enjoy the full benefit of this Blu-ray player but cannot run a network cable to it.

Whilst the 3D capabilities of the Samsung BD-C5900 are the only real reason to get this model over the 5500, it is worth going over the online features of this player, beacuse they are quite impressive. Firstly being the latest Blu-ray specification you can enjoy BD-Live on compatible discs, which is great to get those extra little features that aren’t normally available. The player is also DLNA certified meaning you can use it to stream music, photos or even video from your compatible PC or even your Samsung mobile phone. Lastly, the Internet@TV promises to bring selected internet services such as YouTube, Twitter as well as LoveFilm movie streaming and BBC iPlayer to your television.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung BD-C5900 Blu-ray Player

We’ve said it before, but we really would like to see manufacturers including the wireless dongle with the players – if you need it, and most will, the adapter is an additional and vital expense.

Why you should buy the Samsung BDC5900 Blu-ray Player

With a fully loaded specification, and up to the minute capabilities, the only thing really lacking on the BD-C5900 is the Wi-Fi dongle – but even with that additional cost, the Samsung still looks a good player amongst its peers. If you have a 3D ready television already, this player will make a worthy addition to your entertainment system, and if you don’t, then buying this this player might just give you the excuse you need to get one! Rating: 4/5

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  1. Bit dissapointed so far with player as Lovefilm just says coming soon, Tv listings doesn’t work + no sign of IPlayer. Have contacted Samsung and they can give no date as to when this will all work.

  2. No. It does not connect iPlayer. Or at least i cannot see that application right now on this player, despite it being available on other Samsung devices I have. Google carefully if you are buying with that in mind. Love Film is not currently working either. Icon leads to just a promise to deliver it later.

    To be fair I have an 40LC750 TV that does deliver this content so Samsung can clearly do it. Just not on this player …Yet?

  3. Have just bought this in Comet and was absolutely sold to me with th words ‘BBC iPlayer’ works on this AND I’m pretty sure that the newspaper adverts indicated that as well.

    Great unit but seems light on Internet Apps that are meant to feature!!!

  4. Have contacted Samsung and Lovefilm and neither could give a date for when the Lovefilm app will be available for the Blu-ray players.just gutted I didnt by the 3D tv with the internet@tv on instead of the Blu-ray player as apparantly this works already.

  5. Have just bought a Samsung BD-C5900 Blu-ray Player and on the box it showed an iPlayer logo – can’t find the app though – will it become available does anyone think?

  6. Interested in buying one.

    Just read somewhere that the firmware has to be updated after you buy it to get all the missing stuff.
    Anyone verify this?

  7. Tems…..Ive had mine a month or so now and in the 2 updates i have had to do all i have seen is 2 apps go…..love film app is there but it just says coming soon and there is no sign of iplayer yet.

  8. I got a Samsung TV and Blu Ray player just before Xmas. Nice lot of widgets loaded on the player, including Love Film. Found a 2 month trial for Love Film to try it out.

    BUT STILL waiting for Love Film to work via Internet streaming. Just says coming soon to Blu Ray. Interestingly, the player updated it’s software a day ago and I thought it would fix it. But I was wrong and it still won’t work !

  9. I’ve just bought this blu-ray player as part of a package deal.. still no sign of I-player… did the update, got a few extra games but still no i-player… really disappointed..

  10. I am looking to buy a Samsung TV and it comes with one of these Blue Ray players -Can anyone advise whether I can play normal DVD’s on this unit (non-Blue Ray)? (BDC5900)

  11. Lovefilm is now on my Blu-ray player… Unfortunately I dont have a debit or credit card to set up a Lovefilm account so I’ve been waiting for no reason!! JOY!!

  12. Love film app doesn,’t seem to work? I’ve linked my love film account and my BD-C5900 but when I choose a film to watch I just get a blank screen? Shouldnt I at least see “loading” or something?

  13. Just bought this player and it arrived today, no iPlayer on the system; however I downloaded the latest software upgrade and iPlayer was there, it works too!
    Remote control pretty slow and clunky and not very intuitive either, takes some getting used to.

  14. @ Rob C: The iPlayer on my BD unit works EXCEPT that there isn’t a play button…
    How do you start content playing?

  15. UPDATE: I now have the situation whereby all I get is a message inviting me to connect to the Internet, but with no button or link with which to perform said connection….

    What is wrong with this product/Samsung?

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