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Panasonic Rotating Head HDMI Cable RP-CDHF15-K


Panasonic RP-CDHF15-K Rotating Head HDMI CableHDMI cables certainly rank as one of the best and most convenient inventions of recent years and they really are a great solution to the connection woes we had had for a long time.

However, if you have ever bought a quality HDMI cable before, you will know that flexibility on the plug end of the cable is not their strongest feature. When you consider how many people mount their new flat screens on the wall, and the position of the sockets on some devices, it is obvious that this can be a real problem.

This is precisely where the RP-CDHF15-K comes in, or to give it a more catchy title, the Panasonic Rotating Head HDMI Cable. This is an ingenious, yet really quite simple way of adding more flexibility to the cable by allowing it to swivel a full 180 Degees.

The black cable is 1.5 metres long and is fully compatible to HDMI version 1.3a meaing it supports right up to Full HD 1080p and is officially authorised by HDMI Licensing LLC. With its 23k gold plated connecters it does of course still have the same high quality as other HDMI cables, but with a wider range of applications than a standard cable.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic Rotating Head HDMI RP-CDHF15-K

The additional engineering gone into this product means there is quite a price premium over a standard cable. It sounds a little obvious but only buy if you really need the rotating head.

Why you should buy the Panasonic Rotating Head HDMI RP-CDHF15-K

The flexibility this cable offers really could solve alot of problems for some people, and if you’re one of those, it could be a life saving choice. Rating: 5/5

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