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Sony BDP-S363 Blu-ray Player


Sony BDP-S363 Blu-ray PlayerIf you think that this model looks very similar to the highly regarded BDP-S360 then you’d be right – it’s identical in almost every way.

Originally planned just to be sold in the Sony Centre stores around the country, the BDP-S363 is starting to filter out to other retailers now, although only a select few.

So what exactly the point of this model? It shares the same internal components and set up, and the same external looks, but it is only when you get to the remote that the difference is apparent – the controller is backlit! Okay, that is a pretty minor difference by anyones definition, but don’t completely overlook it, as if you’ve ever watch your movies in low light or the dark to enhance the effects, then you’ll appreciate actually being able to see the buttons on your remote control. Of course you could always invest in a modern all in one remote control like the Logitech Harmony One or the Harmony 700 which are also backlit, but whilst they are absolute essentials, they are also quite quite expensive.

The Sony BDP-S363 offers the same fantastic performance, connection options and specification as the S360 but for a very similar cost. If you can find one for a similar prce, and you feel the amber coloured backlit remote will make your life easier and more convenient, then the BDP-S363 makes the better choice.

What to consider before you buy the Sony BDP-S363 Blu-ray Player

The BDP-S360 is more widely available and so may be more competitively priced from time to time, but check out the prices here at Home Cinema Buyer before you take the plunge.

Who you should buy Sony BDP-S363

With the same great performance as the S360, but with a backlit remote control, the S363 offers just a little bit more value – if you can get it for a similar price. Rating: 4.5/5

Sony BDP-S363 Best Prices

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