Spolit for choice with universal remote controls

Logitech certainly seem to be king of the remote controls at the moment, with some great models available to suit every price range. What we like particularly about Logitech though is that when they produce a decent product, they don’t seem to be in any hurry to discontinue it.

Logitech 525The Logitech reliable antibiotics online Harmony 525 is a great example of a good product that doesn’t need to die. Having first surfaced in 2005, it is still selling well, and still looking pretty cool too. It is widely available and prices have actually fallen since it was first launched, so it represents great value for money at around £50 (only £39.99 at the time of writing). The Logitech Harmony 555 is a slighty updated version of the 525 but is generayll about £10 to £20 more expensive.

Logitech Harmony One Remote ControlIf you want something a little more advanced, the Logitech Harmony One could be the one for you. Although getting on for double the price of the Harmony 525, the Harmony One offers a full colour touch screen and new glossy black curvy design to bring it bang up to date, and is fully rechargable to prevent those annoying power outages from happening again.

If you really want to go high tech though, the Logitech Harmony 1100, with its 3.5″ colour touch screen, looks like it could control a space shuttle launch, but then at around £300, it should…

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