Samsung DVD-H1080 Upscaling DVD Player

With the vast majority of DVD players being rectangular boxes, it is so refreshing to see one that completely throws the standard design book out of the window.

Samsung DVD-H1080 DVD PlayerThe Samsung DVD H1080 is a very stylish ‘pebble’ design upscaling DVD player that looks great from the moment you get it out of the box. With its gloss black finish, uncluttered front fascia and compact design, DVD players simply do not come any better looking than this. We especially liked the simple touchscreen buttons on the top front of the player. If you have a Samsung television you will find the DVD-H1080 to be a perfect visual match, and because of its more rounded appearance we’ve found that is also complements most other brands of modern televisions very well too making it an ideal choice for almost everyone.

With the ability to play MP3, DivX and DVD-R discs, the H1080 will play pretty much everything you can give it, and plug a USB device into the player, and you can also rip music from the CD straight to the USB device without even needing a computer! The main point of this player though is of course to play DVDs and with its ability to upscale to 1080p and near high definition quality, it does this with great skill, and shows some amazingly detailed pictures from standard definition DVD’s.

With HDMI, Component and Digital Coaxial outputs, the Samsung DVD-H1080 has most of the connections you’ll need, and at less that £70 the price is just what you need too.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung DVD H1080 DVD Player

Serious home cinema fans will want to note that this player has no support for DTS soundtracks, and does not have an optical output, but provides a digital coaxial instead.

Why you should buy the Samsung DVD H1080 DVD Player

The compact size and amazing design are great reasons for buying this player alone, and combined with its superb upscaling abilities, and inexpensive price, the Samsung DVD-H1080 becomes one of the best buys of the moment.

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  1. Question : Will it play on my Acer v223 “Monitor” (I have a component to VGA cable)!?
    Due to disability .. I have to use my Pc via a Settee ..
    The point being – I have nowhere to put another Tv or Monitor !

    1. This player does have a component out and an HDMI out. It’s probably best to use HDMI to DVI though.

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