LG DVS450H Upscaling DVD Player

LG DVS450H DVD PlayerThe LG DVS450H DVD Player is another departure from the standard rectangular box design of DVD players we have been used to over the years.

The Samsung DVD-H1080 proved that great style can be bought to a traditional ordinary piece of design, but the LG DVS450H with its unique ‘floating’ design pushes the boundaries that little bit further.

The design deserves much praise, so lets start with that.

Firstly there are 3 ways you can position the LG DVS450H: on its back like a ‘traditional’ DVD player; wall mounted; or upright using the swivel out stand, much like you would a picture frame.

Placing the DVD player on it’s back in the traditional way actually looked the most awkward to us, and unless you can incorporate it as a centre piece on a glass coffee table for example, we think the wall mounting and upright positions look best.

The unit itself is finished in a finger print attracting high gloss plastic, but a little wipe every now and then will keep it looking sparkling. DVD’s are placed into the player via a rather nifty sliding door, which is something you can’t help but admire (and play with repeatedly!), and the five playback buttons on the front are backlit and touch sensitive to add to the slick design.

Last, but by no means least, the dot matrix display which is invisible when the machine is turned off, appears in white as if by magic to display the playback information and just makes the final high quality touch of detail to an already stunning piece of design.

Round the back of the unit the LG DVS450H has the all important connections for HDMI, component, composite and digital coaxial. The front of the machine also has a USB socket hidden away so you can connect a digital media device. With 1080p upscaling the picture quality is very good and will make easy work of making your existing DVD collection look near high definition quality.

What to consider before you buy the LG DVS450H DVD Player

The lack of any support for DTS soundtracks is a slight downside to the player and there is also no optical output, although a digitial coaxial is provided instead.

Why you should buy the LG DVS450H DVD Player

The picture quality from the LG is great, but it is the design that is going to get the most attention and for good reason. The words ‘ingenious and stunning’ are not often used to describe a DVD player, but here there are completely correct. Rating: 4.5/5

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LG DVS450H Upscaling "Floating" DVD Player


  1. chris wallis says:

    Do you recommend a wall mounting or bracket that suits this excellent design product.

    1. You don’t actually need an additional mounting bracket as it comes with two mounting screw holes on the rear.

  2. Brent Wallace says:

    Hi how can I buy one of these from you and how much are they?

    1. This model has been discontinued now. They may pop up on Ebay every now and again, if so, we’ll show it here, so keep checking this page.

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