Toshiba SD-490 DVD Player

 Toshiba SD-490 DVD PlayerThe SD-490 is the mid-range model in Toshiba’s new 2009 range of DVD players. Despite only being a small amount of money more than the entry level model, it does offer a few more features that could be worth paying for.

The Toshiba SD-490 DVD Player has a slightly different look then the SD-390 and it manages to look a little more classy and expensive. The display is clear and bright, although because of the small size of the player, the display window is also a little lacking in dimensions. Overall, the build quality is good, and the remote is solid and responsive, if a little dull looking. All the usual connections are there with a single HDMI, component, digital co-axial and scart sockets.

This player is cable of DivX playback – a feature that was lacking on the entry level player – as well being able to play recordable DVDs, and JPEG and MP3 files. Owners of Toshiba televisions will also be pleased to note that the SD-490 also has the REGZA link so you can control multiple Toshiba devices from the same remote control.

Like most DVD players these days, the SD-490 player is able to decode Dolby Digital and DTS sound to give you the full home cinema audio experience. But the main feature with this player is it’s ability to be able to upscale standard DVDs to 1080p to give you an amazing near high definition quality picture.

What to consider before you buy the Toshiba SD-490 DVD Player

With a comprehensive set of features the player is a lacking very little, but if you need it, the next model up in the range, the SD-590 features a USB socket and is a very similar price.

Why you should buy the Toshiba SD-490 DVD Player

Only a few pounds more expensive than its baby brother, the 490 manages to pack in an additional few features to make it a comprehensively featured player. Rating: 4.5/5

Toshiba SD-490 Best Prices

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