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Samsung logoSamsung have taken their traditional stylish design flair and applied it to great effect to their range of Blu-ray players. Rather than just sticking with the traditional flat rectangular style of player, they were the first big brand to supply a wall mounted player that could be positioned directly under your flat screen television for the ultimate home entertainment design statement. Matching perfectly with their own brand of televisions, as well as a large range of other makes, they generally have a sleek front facia with minimal detail. That doesn’t mean however, that they are minimal on features – Samsung Blu-ray players were amongst the first to be wireless ready, and 3D ready.

What to consider…

Samsung have consistently proved themselves to bo good performers whose players sit at the cutting edge of features. This does have it’s downside however, as the latest features often need to be tweaked through the release of revised firmware updates, so is worth considering.

Why buy a Samsung Blu-ray player?

Samsung have become the UKs most popular television brand by being good: good design, good performance and good value. So it is easy to see why their range of Blu-ray players are also doing well, with these same values being applied to their high definition players. Samsung Blu-ray players have also always been very good value and have provided many people with their first high definition player, and with prices of starting at well under £150, it’s not hard to see why.

Latest Samsung Blu-ray Players

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