LG Blu-ray players

LG logoLG Blu-ray players have always been consistent in their performance, and despite often being overlooked in favour of the other big brands, they have often been the critics’ choice in group tests between comparable players. LG have confidently gone about improving their players, and with each new range we see more of the latest must have features being included – whether this is wireless capabilities, or being 3D ready.

Whilst they often don’t have the cutting edge looks of the Sony and Samsung players, LG Blu-ray players have always been nicely designed and are simple enough in styling that they tend to go well with many different brands of television. This is changing though as LG become a more upmarket brand producing very nicely styled products that adhere to their slogan ‘Life’s Good’.

What to consider…

LG provide a great range of quality and good value players. Sometimes the styling of the players leaves a little to be desired, and we have commented before that visually, they might not look as good in 2 years time as players from Sony and Panasonic.

Why Buy an LG Blu-ray player?

LG are one of those brands that you can count on. Whether it is a television, home cinema system or anything else from their vast range of home electronics, you know you are getting a well designed and thought out product, as well as a good value one.

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