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Best Blu-ray Player For Under £100


Best Blu-ray Player For Under £100This is the magic price point where a Blu-ray player purchase becomes very hard to resist!

Blu-ray players under £100 can often be basic models that don’t have as many features as the mid range players, or they could be discounted older models. If neither of these slight drawbacks worry you, then you are about to get yourself a bargain! You often need to be quick as Blu-ray players under £100 are often short lived promotional prices, or where a retailer is trying to sell off older stock – so when you see them, it is advisable to buy quickly!

There aren’t actually that many players available for less than £100, but we’re sure that will change as the format becomes even more established.

Even at this price you should still be able to get a Blu-ray player that is the latest BD-Live Profile and with a decent set of features – and whatever the price – a Blu-ray player will always give you glorious high definition!

If you feel you need more features that these players can offer, then take a look at the range of Blu-ray players under £150 which will offer you a little bit more for your money.

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