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Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Players


Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray PlayersIf you want to take advantage of BD-Live and the online content of the latest Blu-ray discs, then you will need to connect your Blu-ray player to your router. If your player is positioned near the router this is as simple as connecting a network cable between the devices. However, for most of us this isn’t going to be possible so it is lucky that there are now a range of players with built in Wi-Fi, as well as a range of much less expensive Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Players.

These players have the same network capabilities as their built in counterparts but allow you to add a Wi-Fi adapter at a later date. They come complete with a USB socket so you simply need to purchase the Wi-Fi adapter (also known as a wireless dongle) and plug it in. The dongles themselves are specific to a brand or range of players and our Blu-ray product pages will tell you which one you need to buy.

What to consider before you buy a Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Player

The official, and guaranteed to work Wi-Fi adapters can be costly – sometimes up to £80 – so will increase the overall cost of the player substantially. Sometimes it might be a better option to buy a player with Wi-Fi built in.

Why you should buy a Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Player

If you want to take advantantage of some of the fantastic prices on the latest Blu-ray players and keep the initial purchase price down, but still be able to add on a Wi-Fi adapter later on, then a Wi-Fi ready Blu-ray player is a sensible option.

Latest Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Players

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