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Blu-ray Players with BD-Live


Blu-ray Players with BD-LiveOne of the more recent developments in Blu-ray was the addition of the BD-Live (Profile 2) feature. Put simply this means that in addition to the standard extra features you get on a Blu-ray disc or DVD, the film makers can also add additional online content which is only available to view if you have a BD-Live compatible Blu-ray player. Most Blu-ray players made since 2009 are – but there are some notable exceptions – so use the list below to make sure you get the player you want. You can read more about the different Blu-ray profiles here.

What to consider before you buy a BD-Live compatible Blu-ray Player

With nearly all modern Blu-ray players being BD-Live compatible you’ll be hard pressed to get one without, but if you want to bag a real bargain you can get previous generation players without BD-Live. You’ll also need either a nearby router or a Wi-Fi Ready, or built in Wi-Fi Blu-ray player so you can connect the player to the internet.

Why you should buy a Blu-ray Players with BD-Live

It is always a treat to see those extra features when watching your favourite film, but with BD-Live you can often access even more exclusive content, so is a feature worth having.

Latest BD-Live Compatible Blu-ray Players

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