LG BD370 Blu-ray Player

LG BD370 Blu-ray playerThe LG BD370 is an impressive looking Blu-ray player with a host of features and the latest Blu-ray profile, that has become a serious competitor for the popular Panasonic DMP-BD60.

Whilst the features may be similar, the looks of the LG BD370 are quite different from the Panasonic. Whilst the DMP-BD60 goes for slightly more conservative styling, the BD370 goes for all out style with the chrome Blu-ray logo panel in the middle making a bold statement. The LG hides everything non-essential to create a clean front fascia, with the disk tray appearing from behind a flap on the left hand side, and the some of the play back buttons, and the USB socket behind a flap on the right hand side. The chrome centerpiece also doubles as a power button, and the surround houses the eject and play buttons. It all goes together nicely, and aesthetically, the BD370 look the business.

Turn the machine on and you greeted by a smart and slick menu system which gives you access to the essentials, and the players trump card, access to YouTube videos. Getting access to the internet requires you to plug in a network cable rather than using WiFi which can be awkward in some set ups. Once you’re online though you’re not greeted with the standard YouTube web page, but a custom interface which has been specifically designed to be viewed on a television rather than a computer monitor.

Pleasingly, the BD370 is one of the quicker Blu-ray players to use, both in terms of actually watching a film from power on, and in usability of the menu system. Performance from the player is good, and whilst its not a class can you buy ventolin inhalers over counter uk leader, the LG is a perfectly good Blu-ray player.

What to consider before you buy the LG BD370 Blu-ray player

The lack of WiFi, or the option to add a dongle like the Samsung BD-P1600 is disappointing, but not the end of the world.

Why you should buy the LG BD370 Blu-ray player

The looks and performance of the system should satisfy most peoples needs, and the current street price makes it a very appealing player indeed. Rating: 4/5

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