Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Player

The Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray player takes all the best features from the previous model, including its great value and sleek design, improves on them, and adds a new next generation feature too.

Samsung BD-P1600The Samsung BD-P1600 keeps in line with the now traditional Samsung design with its glossy and smooth black finish making it a perfect match for any Samsung television. The clean and uncluttered front folds down to give access to the disc loading tray, the playback buttons, and a USB port. Underneath the stylish exterior is a next generation Blu-ray player that not only plays Blu-ray and DVD discs with great skill and quality, but can also play movies directly from the internet giving you access to over 12,000 films from the Netflix movie database. It comes ready to plug in to your home network, or you can purchase an additional wireless dongle (available from and do it all without wires.

The Samsung P1600 sports the usual optical, component, and HDMI connections on the rear but with an additional USB port and the Ethernet port for your network cable or wireless dongle. Although it is already installed with the latest Blu-ray profile, (BD-LIVE) the P1600 can also by updated over the internet should any additional updates be released.
The player will decode Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master and can output Bitstream audio to a suitable amplifier, and will also upscale to 1080p giving you the full high definition benefit.

Things to consider before you buy Samsung BD-P1600

The main drawback with this Blu-ray player is the lack of the wireless dongle which would really have put it ahead of the game. Realistically most people aren’t going to run an additional network cable to the player so it is a shame it wasn’t included in the box.

Why you should buy Samsung BD-P1600

Owners of the P1600 have already been very impressed with the quick loading times of this Blu-ray player, and the smart design, and the great price make it a real contender. The thing we love most about the P1600 is it’s next generation capabilities. Being able to stream movies to your player gives us a massive film library literally at our fingertips and takes this player to the next level of digital movies. A great future-proof buy. Rating: 4/5

Samsung BD-P1600 Best Prices

Samsung BD-P1600

Official Samsung BD-P1600 page
Link to PDF Samsung BD-P1600 Manual


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