Best Blu-ray Player For Under £150

Best Blu-ray Player For Under £150If you want a really great value Blu-ray player, then there are now plenty of options that are under the £150 mark

Even at this price range you can still expect to get a very decent Blu-ray player from one of the top brands, it will just have a few less features than the players in the sub £200 price bracket. If this doesn’t matter to you, then you can get a very good value Blu-ray player and really feel the benefit in your pocket! Perhaps use the difference to buy some all important Blu-ray movies!

The prices we use for this list are the average street prices that you are likely to pay rather than the manufacturers RRP. The prices available from the online retailers do constantly fluctuate so you may see your favourite store selling for more than this price range, but there should be at least one selling it for under £150 for it to make this list.

If you feel you need more features that these players can offer, then take a look at the range of Blu-ray players under £200 which will offer you a little bit more for your money.

Latest Blu-ray Players Under £150

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