Wireless gripes

Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray PlayerWe most definitely applaud Samsung for including internet connnectivity with their latest Blu-ray players, the BD-P1600 and the gorgeous BD-P4600. With this functionality you can connect an ethernet cable to the player and stream DivX, MP3 and JPEG-HD files directly from your PC. Of course, most people will not want to run an additional network cable to their player, and the case of the wall mounted P4600, you almost definitely wouldn’t. So very thoughtfully, Samsung have included a wireless dongle that you can plug into the player to get the full benefit, but without wires. Much better.

The problem is, I can’t quite find it in the box – I’ve looked everywhere but it just doesn’t seem to be here. Rather annoyingly, Samsung don’t include it. Now we can understand that decision with the BD-P1600 – it is a price conscious player and many people will be happy without it. But the BD-P4600 is a wall mounted player designed to be beautiful – so unless you hack into the wall, any additional cable run up to the player is going to spoil the overall looks that Samsung have worked hard to create. It is a gripe with an otherwise stunning player.

Anyway, if you want it, (and why wouldn’t you?) you will have to purchase separately from Amazon.co.uk.

Rant over.

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