Will the Sony BDP-S370 be the most popular Blu-ray Player ever?

Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray PlayerEven though the previous generation entry level Blu-ray models from Sony like the BDP-S360 were top sellers, it looks like the newest player, the Sony BDP-S370, will be an even bigger seller.

The inclusion of BBC iPlayer and a wireless internet option appears to have captured the imagination of Blu-ray buyers everywhere and for good reason. A low cost Blu-ray player that offers so much for so little is bound to be popular amongst newcomers to the Blu-ray format, and early adopters alike.

As we mentioned in our Sony BDP-S370 review the player is a great looker, and even though it is still a new player, we are already seeing some very keen prices from retailers, and at under £150 it makes a very good purchase indeed.

Like some of the other popular Blu-ray players though, we could start seeing difficulties getting hold of the player, so our advice is if you want one, it’s better to buy sooner rather than later!

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