DVD vs Blu-ray Comparison

Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray PlayerThere is much talk about the benefits of Blu-ray, but there have always been numerous doubters too.

When the price of Blu-ray discs were two to three times the price of DVDs, it was hard to justify the price difference. But now new releases of the same movie are virtually the same on both formats, the decision becomes a little easier. The hardware is still more expensive, but we’re starting to see massive price drops now, and respectable players like the Phillips BDP3000 can be had for under £100 and even the big brand latest spec players like the Sony BDP-S370 are under £150 now.

Whilst we’ve been convinced for a while that Blu-ray is the way to go, we thought it was about time we settled the argument once and for all and showed all the benefits of each system.

So we’ve done a full head to head test. We’ve taken a DVD version of Terminator Salvation, and the Blu-ray version of the same film. We put them in separate players, set them both to the same output resolution, connected them to the same amp, and watched them on the same screen.

It was a marathon testing session, but boy was it worth it, and we’ve detailed every little bit of it for you in our DVD vs Blu-ray Comparison.

In the words of comedy genius Harry Hill: “We love DVD, but we also like Blu-ray. But which one is better? There’s only one way to tell – FIIIGGHHTT!

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