Sony BDV-E670W Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Following our look at the Sony BDV-E370, we now move onto the Sony BDV-E670W, which is the wireless rear speaker version of this system.

As well as the now familiar fantastic ‘monolithic’ design looks, the Sony BDV-E670W shares a lot with the E370. We have a 3D ready Blu-ray player (you’ll need to upgrade the firmware to get it though) with the full HD playback, 1080p DVD upscaling and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio that we expect from a high definition home cinema system. It also has the Quickstart feature so you can start enjoying your Blu-ray movies quicker than ever – something that early buyers of Blu-ray players will appreciate.

Sony BDV-E670W Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe Sony BDV-E670W does come with a slightly beefed subwoofer which pushes the power output up to a more powerful 1000W (RMS), but the neat front speakers are the same. Wireless home cinema systems have improved recently, so Sony have added the biggest selling point of this system – the TA-SA200WR S-Air wireless unit – so you can enjoy the rear surround effects without having to run a cable from the main unit to the speakers. Simply connect the speakers to the transceiver unit, plug in another transceiver unit to the rear of the amplifier, and that’s it.

The feature set is quite impressive again, and if you plug in a LAN cable to the system, or add the optional UWA-BR100 wireless dongle you can enjoy a number of additional features. Firstly of course there is the online BD-Live content of Blu-ray discs, but you also get the BRAVIA® Internet Video – service which allows you to stream music, video and certain catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer and Demand Five from the BRAVIA® Internet Video platform. The Sony BDV-E670W is also DLNA Ready meaning you can stream content music and video from your PC.

Lastly, the little extra features on the Sony BDV-E670W like the Gracenote® Entertainment Database Browser to find and show more information about an album, the now vital cheapest diazepam online iPod dock, and the iPhone remote control app, all go to make a fully specced up home cinema system.

What to consider before you buy the Sony BDV-E670W Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The wireless speakers are a bonus for those people who can’t, or don’t want to run wires, but it would have made sense to also include the wireless network dongle too. If you don’t need it though, then at least you’ll appreciate the £70 or so saving on the system. If you aren’t bothered about the wireless speakers, you could consider the Sony BDV-E370 instead.

Why you should buy the Sony BDVE670W Blu-ray Home Cinema System

A fantastic looking system that gets one of the features that many people look for in a home cinema system – wireless rear speakers. You have to pay a premium of course, but if you need them, it’s a feature worth paying for. Rating: 4.5/5

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Large image of Sony BDV-E670W


  1. Serge says:

    How does the wireless feature work for the rear speaker. You said you only need to connect the speaker to the receiver, does it mean I need an additionnal unit to connect the speaker to? In this case what receiver and how much does it cost?

    1. The transceiver and receiver unit are both supplied with the 670. You will need to wire the two rear speakers to the receiver at the rear, but the signal to this is received wirelessly from the transeiver in the main amplifier/player at the front. So, no wires going from the front to the back, but you still have wires across the back – but these are MUCH easier to hide .

  2. Hi
    I am thinking of buying the sony 670 to use with my ps3 and panasonic LCD tv,but my tv has only 1 hdmi socket,is this going to be a problem to connect them all up,would i need a hdmi 2 way switch box????

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